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Social Media Marketing

Artist/Brand Development

Digital Marketing Consultant

Nashville, TN



I'm Johnathan Pushkar, and I am a social media consultant based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

As an alumnus of Belmont University’s Public Relations department, I was awarded the

PR department’s “Graduate of the Year” award in 2018.


I began consulting during my junior year of college in 2016, focusing my efforts on helping individuals grow their numbers, metrics, and reach using social media. Since then, I have grown my consultancy and have worked with over 20 entertainment personalities, musicians, and small businesses in Nashville, Los Angeles, New York City, and beyond to offering social media management, brand development, videography, photography, and more to my clients.


In addition to consulting, I am serving as an associate producer on an upcoming Mister Rogers tribute album, and I am currently involved in the productions of two documentaries set to be released next year. 

What Do I Offer?

Meet a Few of My Clients

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